Egg in a basket with a side of bacon, please.


Painting by Lisa Orgler

Bacon, eggs, and buttered toast—the perfect sunrise combo. A hearty breakfast reminds me of vacations at the beach, camping in the mountains, lazy weekend mornings in my pajamas, and family. Sometimes, as I eat, I can still hear the sound of white diner dishes and cheap flatware clinking and clattering in the background.

I love this particular breakfast so much, I sometimes make it for dinner. It’s fast, it’s filling, and it’s really easy. Perfect for two, and a big hit with the kids. Thick sliced bread becomes a nest for a soft over easy egg, topped by a crisp circle of toast for dipping. And crispy bacon on the side . . . yum. Orange juice, milk, and heaven.

P.S. Thanks for painting one of my favourite breakfasts, Lisa. If you haven’t seen her illustrations at The Lunchbox Project, you really must. So original and cute!

Egg in a basket with a side of bacon.

Egg in a basket with a side of bacon.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Cut the middle out of a piece of thick white bread with a round cookie cutter.
  • Cook bacon until crisp and set aside.
  • Melt a dab of butter in a frying pan on medium heat.
  • Place bread in the pan, then crack an egg into the hole. This is your egg in a basket!
  • Salt & Pepper the egg and let it cook until the white begins to set.
  • Lift the bread and egg with a spatula, toss another dab of butter into the pan, and flip your egg basket over to finish cooking. Toast the bread circle in the pan at the same time.

When the toasty parts are golden and the white of the egg is opaque, you are well on your way to deliciousness.

I like my yolk runny, but the whites firm. If you want your yolk hard cooked, poke it with a fork and cook on both sides until the egg feels firm to the touch.

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Lessons Learned

  • Dig out those cookie cutters and cut out fun toast shapes like stars or big flowers!
  • The secret to perfectly crispy bacon is never take your eyes off it. Use medium heat (or a bit lower) and a cast iron pan. Turn it occasionally with tongs, and if the grease gets too deep, take out a few spoonfuls. As the bacon cooks, it will shrink and start to brown. Turn it more often, and take it out when it has browned well. It will crisp a bit as it drains.

Efficient Kitchen Tips

  1. Use just one pan! Make the bacon first, set on a paper towel to drain, and pour off the grease. Then wipe out the pan with the bacon towel (don’t rinse or wash it) and continue cooking.
  2. Please, don’t pour grease down your sink! You’ll regret it. Clean and dry a metal can (coffee tin or soup can) and use it to collect drippings. When the liquid solidifies, scrape it out in the trash (clean the can for reuse). Caution: varmints love bacon grease!
  3. You can save bacon grease to flavor other foods. Pour it into a clean metal or pyrex bowl, let it cool, strain it (if you want) into a small storage container and keep it in the fridge. A little bit goes a long way, and you can freeze it, too.

5 responses to “Egg in a basket with a side of bacon, please.

  1. Here it is, the first of March & there’s freezing drizzle…making for crispy, crunchy snow. Think I’ll lift my spirits a bit more with this fun brunch…off to the kitchen I go!
    P.S. Kudos on your Olympic Hockey Gold!!

    • curiousdomestic

      Mmm… yeah i haven’t made this for breakfast in a while. Time to get cookin’ again! The game was awesome. I’m so glad it was an even match. Really exciting hockey, and the US looks good in silver. 😉

  2. Oh, Curious…this was so yummy I fixed it two days runing. One with flat round wheat bread; next with an English muffin. Thanks!

  3. I learned this in girl scouts – this will sound gross but it’s great – we fried the bread in the bacon grease instead of butter. (You pour some off first.)

    I know. Unhealthy, but it’s amazing.

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