Farmers Market feast at home.

Despite the stress, I do like to travel, and the comfort of returning home is a reward in itself. Coming home to my own kitchen, to food made by me, seasoned to my tastes . . . nourishment of the palate and the soul. A trip to the farmer’s market yeilded treasures fit for a feast: tender chicken breasts, golden potatoes, fresh carrots, green onions, heirloom tomatoes. I picked up some blueberry pesto, which was delicious with the chicken and potatoes. Ginger Man and I had a lovely homecoming roast for two on a restaurant plate with a glass of white wine and a cat on each lap. I feel recharged.

Roast Chicken and Veg


4 responses to “Farmers Market feast at home.

  1. Noticed the plate. Yummy looking roast. You are Julia! Just shorter! Keep up the good cooking. Love you!

  2. The blueberry pesto sounds really intriguing!

    • curiousdomestic

      I was skeptical, but Ginger Man convinced me to try it. Finally found a link to Golda’s website. Lots of different unique pestos. You can find them at Farmers Markets and some stores in the Vancouver Area.

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