Olympic Torch Relay Comes to Kitsilano

The Olympic Flame has been on horseback, in canoes, on a Dragon boat, and has ridden the Sky Ride to Grouse Mountain. It has ridden bikes, worn sneakers, and been in a wheelchair. It has met the hands of athletes, politicians, Aboriginal chiefs, and community volunteers. It has been celebrated with singing, feasting, cheering, and dancing. In the flame is the spirit of the games, the spirit of competition, and the spirit of unity. It’s an amazing thing that is happening where I am, and I’m glad to be here to witness it.

Security has been heightened everywhere. The streets, the water, the roads, even the airspace is being patrolled, watched, and hovered over by people with tasers, guns, and uniforms. Yesterday, a couple of fighter planes screamed by overhead, and the noise scared me and the cats out of our seats. Completely understandable, of course, but unnerving.

Later this evening, the Olympic Torch will pass by, not too far away. I’ll be going out to see it, though lately, I’ve been vascillating between excited anticipation of the 2010 Winter Games and absolute dread of the maddening crowds and inevitable mayhem they will bring. And we still have not had any snow . . . it’s all back home with my sisters.

Visit Stories From The Road to read more about the torchbearers and community celebrations.


2 responses to “Olympic Torch Relay Comes to Kitsilano

  1. So glad you are there to see and report events for us. I envy you sometimes, no matter how much I miss you. Your courage to leave the known, fly away to far lands, learn and grow. Happy Olympics to you. I’ll be watching. Love you!

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