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T-Shirt Giraffe

I was out on a thrift store safari, looking for nothing in particular, when a zazzy yellow t-shirt screamed at me from the rack, “MAKE ME A GIRAFFE!”

Challenge accepted.

Prepare to meet your maker.

Prepare to meet your maker.















Generally the construction is okay, but it needs tweaks so he stands like I want him to and the shape doesn’t register as “long necked horse.” I really need to mind the seam allowance, maybe pin things a bit better and mark them… all that fiddly stuff that gets tossed by the wayside when I’m sewing by the seat of my pants.


Some say the giraffe got its very long neck from eating too many magic herbs.

The back gusset worked out alright, though it needs to be longer, and I like the shape of the back leg at the hock. I had to do a lot of messy suturing to pull his legs under him. Refining the shape of the inside leg panel should fix that. I thought about beady eyes, but found buttons instead. My favorite thing is his scrap fabric mane and the tail cut from a seam. I could nitpick about it more, but the bottom line is, he’s still a pretty awesome giraffe.