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2009 Vancouver Wooden Boat Festival

In possession of a bus pass while Ginger Man is off playing at the water park @ Cultus Lake, I decided to venture out to Granville Island Market in search of a madeline pan. As usual, I came back with something completely different. I also had the unexpected pleasure of investigating the Vancouver Wooden Boat Festival. The Floating Exhibition is on display Aug. 27-30, and it’s free to see!

Munin's Sail by Foxtongue

Munin's Sail by Foxtongue

The Vancouver Wooden Boat Society says, “The world has enough plastic. Let’s protect something beautiful.” I wholeheartedly agree. Gorgeous sailing vessels and yachts line the docks near the market, interrupted by the occasional precious wee dinghy (cast a ballot for your favourite!). You can tour the SS Master—the last living locally-built steam tugboat—or have a look at an authentic half-size replica of a real viking longboat (complete with red-striped square sail). The viking boat, built by the BC Viking Ship Society at the Scandinavian Community Centre, is named Munin. She’s about 9 years old, crafted from fir planks, and hand-rivited with 3,000 copper rivets. I see her sometimes on English Bay when the winds are right.

Family fun can be had at boatbuilding workships (check the 2009 schedule). Closer to the market: beautiful knotwork, pretty toy boats made of recycled materials, and a crew singing sea shantys. Another fave: Graham Eagle’s whimsical store front “architectural portraits” (combining miniatures, found objects, and a good dose of humour).

As usual, a day at the Market was enjoyable, and although I passed up the madeline pan (trop cher), I did get a new salt grinder to replace my crappy broken one. It’s so cute, I just wanna squeeze it! I also picked up a few veggies and a couple of treats from Stuart’s: a key lime tart and a black forest minicake. They make wonderful things (cheesecake highly reccommended).

Last but not least, I blew my last $5 of fun money on a thrift-store cookbook and a few 98¢ 45rpm records (of all things). I don’t even have a record player, but c’mon! How could I pass these up? Maybe Ginger Man *hint hint* will get me a thrift shop turntable for my birthday. 😉

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