Occasionally Asked Questions

What time is it?

  • 3:20 PM on a Friday

How’s the weather?

  • Kinda cold, getting warmer. Partly coudy, occasionally a little rainy. Sunny sometimes.

What do you write about?

  • Whatever interests me. I like food, travel, photography, making things. I also appreciate movies, books, and geeky stuff. Sometimes I just write for writing’s sake. Opinions regarding products and services reviewed in this blog are from a consumer perspective. I buy stuff or do stuff, and if I really enjoy it, I might write about it. Unless otherwise noted, all posts adhere to CMP.ly/0 standard disclosure.

Can I use your content/Photo?

  • Please do not copy my content or “borrow” my photos without permission. Contact me via a comment and be patient. I reserve the right to say “no” and expect fair compensation for any commercial use. All content is my own unless otherwise noted. Some posts use images from Flickr Creative Commons (links to originals appear at the end of posts).