Shrimps and Bananas

Halloween is fast approaching, and I’ve made a new discovery at the candy shop: Shrimps and Bananas. They are adoreable and tasty. I mean, look at the packaging! Funny happy zoo friends having a snack together. Monty Monkey says, “I want bananas!” Ronni Rhino begins to dance around singing, “Shrimps for me! I love shrimps!” Then Gina, the Giraffe who eats anything, decides “Let’s ALL have shrimps and bananas!” Of course, it’s much cuter when you read it with a British accent.


At first, I thought they were a strange savoury treat, but the kid-friendly package design and the ingredient list (sugar, sugar, and sugar) indicated sweetness. When I felt the packet, I could tell the candies were softish, and I began to suspect they might be related to one of my most favouritest nostalgic treats: the Circus Peanut.

Fresh Circus Peanuts are wonderful sugarbombs. Giant orange peanut shaped cousins to the marshmallow. They have a firm and foamy texture, with a post-peanut hyperactivity warning on the label. Just kidding. But yes, they are kid candy. And no, they do not contain peanuts. On my good-ol’-days candy list, they are second only to the Orange Slice (close relative to the gumdrop, and a Christmas grab bag staple).

The bananas tasted very faintly of banana, and the shrimp tasted absolutely nothing like shrimp . . . more like strawberry maybe? Ginger Man declined to eat them because they were shrimp shaped, but his tastes tend to favour the sour anyway. So, my candy-loving fellows, hie thee to yon sweet shoppe and return forthwith avec Shrimps and Bananas that ye sweet toothe might be appeased.


9 responses to “Shrimps and Bananas

  1. That bag of candy after the Christmas play. Little brown bag with those sweet treats. Orange slices, chocolate drops-the essence of sugar with sugar, dipped in sugar. All eaten in the shortest time frame possible. Then we wait for Christmas…

    • curiousdomestic

      Ah yes . . . the chocolate drops. Sometimes there was a real orange in there, too. It’s important to get rid of those before they contaminate the candy with nutrition.

  2. May I ask where you got them from? I’ve just moved to the US and these are my favourite sweets, I was going to ask my mom to send me some, but if I can get them over here, even better. I was trying to explain to my husband what they were, as in the foamy texture, but that turned into a very confusing conversation.

    Love the blog = )

  3. Thank you very much! I will be sure to get a plentiful supply of these sweet treats!

  4. I haven’t had those shrimp sweets in ages – from memory they’re almost too good to give to my children! I haven’t tried the banana ones though they sound good. What intrigues me most however are the ‘circus peanuts’ as I have never heard of them?

  5. Can I use your image (with credit and a link of course) of the shrimps and bananas??

    Thanks! -Kristin

    • curiousdomestic

      Thank you for asking. Yes, Kristin, you may use that photo for non-commercial purposes with credit to Curious Domestic and a link back to this post. Cheers!

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