Candy is dandy, but crickets are bugs.

Today, I did a brave and stupid thing. I stopped in our friendly neighbourhood candy store (which was sadly all out of TimTams) and decided to have a bit of a spree for the sake of a good blog. This place carries all kinds of interesting sweets from over the border and across the pond, and their selection varies slightly from time to time. You never know what you’ll come across.

I made a beeline for the American imports right away and picked up the following:

  • assortedcandyPopeye “Tasty Candy Sticks
  • Jelly Belly Sours
  • Hoffman’s CupoGold
  • London Mint chocolates
  • Zero Bars (Dark and Milk)
  • Pop Rocks Wild Berry
  • Green & Black’s Dark Chocolate 70%
  • Kinder Surprise Chocolate Egg
  • Walkers Crispy Duck & Hoisin crisps
  • Scorpion Sucker Banana Flavor
  • Crick-ettes Bacon & Cheese

Crick-ettesWhen I decided to purchase the box of Crick-ettes, it was all I could do to hold them in my hand. At one point I forgot what I was carrying, and when I looked down and saw their dead buggy faces staring back at me from behind the cellophane, I nearly threw them down and ran screaming out the door. But, I didn’t want to make a scene in the candy shop, so I composed myself. “Stay strong . . . they’re just for pictures. You don’t have to eat them.” Or so I told myself at the moment.

cricketsReally, what kind of foodie would I be if I didn’t at least have a wee nibble? Just to educate my taste buds . . . clearly I had  lost my mind. Ginger Man pretty much agreed, but I got him to try a hind leg with me. Perhaps if I had just popped one in whole and crunched it up like a brave girl, the experience might have been more informative, but no, it wasn’t worth it to me. I had a cricket in my hand and a steak in my freezer; the choice was clear. Still, a taste test was in order.

There was sufficient fake bacony cheese dust to impart a flavour of some kind, but the texture completely turned me off. It was like I had just bitten into food and my tongue found an inedible particle, a thing that didn’t belong, and was trying in vain to evict it from my palate. Ptooey sums it up best. I must say, however, the crows were very pleased with the Crick-ettes.

scorpsuckaI was quite happy to move on to the badass banana scorpion sucker. There was a whole lotta sugar between me and that critter, so I was game for a lick or two. Examining the little scorpion, delicately preserved in the center of a golden confectionary window made me feel like a paleontologist. At the same time, whatever morbid human curiosity the goodie satisfied, I couldn’t help thinking how many of those little animals had gotten their stingers ripped off and died in a suffocating yellow goo so that geeks like me could throw down some money for a laugh. Curiosity satisfied, that’s the last one I’ll ever buy.

chipsThe duck and hoisin chips weren’t half bad. The taste reminded me of brown gravy. The Walkers Crisps company in the UK recently held a contest with 6 new flavours including Crispy Duck & Hoisin, Fish & Chips, Chili & Chocolate, Onion Bhaji, Builder’s Breakfast, and the one I really wish I could have tried: Cajun Squirrel. I don’t usually like weird flavours on chips, but Canadian dill pickle flavoured chips are rather addictive. Salty, vinegary, herby. Ketchup chips aren’t as interesting, but they are kinda tasty. What I really miss are authentic Moore’s Cheesies, which are no longer produced. There is no substitute. I’ve searched everywhere and have yet to find any cheesy poof that comes close. I’m sure they were made out of crap and plastic, but darnit they were yummy! I occasionally miss those phantom childhood tastes. Those things that I haven’t had in forever and I remember them being incredibly delicious beyond imagination, like HoHos and Moon Pies and those six packs of sugary doughunts and YooHoo! Then when I actually get one, it’s inevitably disappointing.  Sometimes the nostalgia factor is enough to make it alright, even if it’s stale and plasticky tasting and nothing like what I remember.

kinder apeI handed over all the jelly belly sours—Ginger Man’s reward for trying the cricket, and because I love him. He wants me to eat the orange ones, but I like the red ones, and I’m cute, so I get my way. He got the pop rocks, but we split the Kinder egg (he gets the chocolatey outside; I get the toy inside). This time it was a real cutie: a fuzzy green ape! So much better than a dumb robot with weird chicken arms.

popeyecigsThe dreamy London Mints are for after dinner for the next couple days, and the “candy sticks” are for whenever I feel like putting my feet up and having a fake smoke, cuz we all know those are candy cigarettes. In order not to start smoking rebelliously the last time I was home for a visit, me and my sisters stopped at every convenience store in the county looking for candy cigs. I went through about a pack of Round Ups a day.

The CupOGold, that’s for a special afternoon with a big ol’ cuppa coffee. Marshmallow and chocolate. Save the best for last.


13 responses to “Candy is dandy, but crickets are bugs.

  1. You are way braver than I am, I can tell you that!

    Green & Black’s is one of my favourite brands of chocolate – I think I’ll have to cave and go and get some on my errand-running excursion this afternoon!

  2. Weird stuff isn’t for me. No amount of sugar coating could entice me to try bugs. But good for you. I can remember when you wouldn’t eat anything except Mac and Cheese in the Blue box. Just keep up the good work in the name of expanding your horizons. I love you, bug eater.

  3. I agree with Sissy Linda, weird stuff isn’t for me! I wouldn’t even buy the stuff…well my husband might. If the candy sticks are what I think they are, I LOVE those! It’s the best part of Halloween time and I could eat a whole bag!

    How much of the scorpion sucker did you eat? All of it? Seems a bit dangerous eh?

    Oh and I love Dill Pickle chips too! Mmmmmmm. I’m not sure if they’re produced here anymore though.

  4. curiousdomestic

    I didn’t get very far on the scorpion sucker. The sugary part was very tasty, though.

  5. savorysweetlife

    OMG this post rocks! Nice job! Maybe you should have just eaten these for the Hunger Challenge! lol.

  6. I ate crickets toasted in a pan in high school and I just remember that they tasted like peanuts and were kind of good. Maybe the bacon and cheese was not a good complement? Or it could be that they’re best freshly toasted.

  7. this is soo cool.

    In some province here in the Philippines they sauté the crickets insauce and pair it with steamed rice as a viand but as my cousin used to say “That’s total EEewness”

    • curiousdomestic

      I agree. Eeewness on rice, not for me thanks. But an interesting dish, nonetheless.

  8. thatsphuckedup

    Crickets no… but I have had chocolate covered ants… and the tequila suckers… the ants weren’t anything… it was like eating chocolate covered peanuts…. the tequila worm part of the sucker made me gag when I got down to where it was… so my hats off to you

  9. Cool post – though you wouldn’t get me eating the Crick-ettes! I have tried a few of the Walkers crisp flavors you mentioned though. The Chili & Chocolate wasn’t for me but the Builder’s Breakfast was pretty good – not that it tasted anything like breakfast, builder’s or otherwise!

  10. wow u r absolutly amazing i could never do anything like that even if my life depended on it!!!!

  11. Hmmm, that was interesting. Looks like somethings will always remain mystery.

    I myself has been trying to solve the mystery of the legend that forces you to have “earn it before

    having it”, for a wile now. Could not understand much though.

    Let me know in case you get to understand the mystery of the Old Hound and the Legend

    By the way, good writing style. I’d love to read more on similar topics

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